Le Chœur d’Enfants de Poitiers chorale mixte à partir de 8 ans

CD #6 – A Nau


Recorded 9, 10 and 11 July 2018 at the Music and Dance Center of the University of Poitiers this CD has an original repertoire outside the usual norms of the genre....

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CD #5


Recorded on july 2018 in the « Music and Danse University Pole " in Poitiers to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Choir. Extracts :

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CD #4


Recorded on november 2012 in the "Chapelle des Augustins" in Poitiers. Cantate for Choir & Orchestra - Pierre FEILLENS "Marco Polo et le Livre des Merveilles". Extraits :

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CD #3


Recorded in 2002 at the "auditorium Saint Germain" of "Conservatoire National de Région" - Poitiers (86). Extraits :  

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CD #2


Second recordind in the "Abbaye du Pin (Béruges - 86) on october 1997  

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CD #1


First recording of "Le Choeur d'Enfants de Poitiers" in the "Chapelle de CRAMARD" (Chalandray - 86) on november 1994.   1. “Laudate nomen domini” — CHOEURS D'ENFANTS DE POITIERS 0:45 2. ...

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